Friday, January 18, 2013


Last year I designed the packaging illustrations for Generous, a new bakery in Brussels. They make organic, gluten free cookies. And they taste super good as well. :))

The packaging and concept was designed by Bowling, a new ad agency in Brussels, who did a really good job complimenting the illustrations.

 So here are some of the steps in the design process.  The good people at Bowling asked me to do a pitch and I spent half a day dishing out some sketches, to show the client in which direction I would be taking the illustrations.

 All went well and the client like what I did, so I continued exploring the characters with additional sketches. Charlotte was by far the most fun and demanding character, she required multiple revisions, but she was also the character on which we were deciding the style.

So for a good moment we were going with a more cartoony feel and flat shading style (a combination of sketch 2 and 3) but we eventually went back to a more painted approach (based on sketch number 4). Which in the end worked far better.