Monday, February 22, 2010

trends 6

how it appeared in the magazine: click here


Clo said...

Looks like he says "O rly?" :P
Awesome Jens! They keep getting better!

Manuel Dupong said...

I love how you manage the whites.

Joe said...

nice style, i like the looseness to it

Luc ADR | moket said...

hell yeah Jens !
Keep them coming.
Love the classical graphic feeling.

Timo Hilger said...

wow, that´s a superb portrait.
very classy and striking :)

keep up the good work man

Haylee said...

We should get married and make beautiful art babies together.

That was my first reaction to your work.

Jens said...

Ha! Well, that's ok but I don't believe in marriage, nor raising my own children, nor paying for their education