Monday, August 3, 2009

life drawing: outside

some recent life drawings, first one is a friend at a yard sale, second one
some people on the train, third one a view on a bar in Antwerp.


VINOD MORE said...

Hi, Jens thx a lot for stopping by and making comment. i like ur painterly style in digital media. and those sketches are really wonderful and those simplified character sketches, are they for some project. they are too simple n perfect. all together nice wrk keep it up my friend.

EL Gato Negro said...

sweet drawings, great to see this range from you.

BEN said...

love these sketches!

RAWLS said...

Beautiful work my friend!! Really great lines!

Armen said...

Hey thanks for the comment. You got some great stuff on this blog. Keep posting!

chrystal chan said...

hi jens, some fancy sketches that i fancy : )! i suppose you must be in belgium! i don't know why people don't visit it more, 'cause i loved it!

Jens said...

Vinod more, yes they were for my thesis project at school :)

el gato negro, thanks.. drawing like this is really essential for me :) it's the purest form of drawing you get, and i think you learn the most of it.

Ben, thanks :)

Rawls, thanks mister

Armen, my pleasure thanks :)

chrystal chan, yea I'm from Belgium, live very close to Antwerp. I agree with you :) any plans of revisiting?