Wednesday, July 15, 2009

master studies

Some old school master studies, like they used to do
but with pixels in stead of pigment. ;)


yigi chang said...

awesomeness! the last guy with the stache is my fav!

Jeffrey Lai said...

I really love how solid and chiseled the form is, so good!
my fav is also the guy with the mustache!

Scott Altmann said...

awesome Jens-
First one Zorn
2nd...hmmm not sure
3rd- Raeburn? I'm guessing
4th -Velazquez

These are really cool man -I should probably do some ;)

Jens said...

thanks guys :)

scott, correct,you know your masters, second one is Raeburn as well :)

Alexis said...

wowsa - these are beautiful!!