Wednesday, May 20, 2009

part one

Part one, almost done. It still needs some cleaning up and
I'm not sure if the reading sense is clear everywhere.

(click image for full size)


Cateris said...

I LOVE this. A lot. It's so cool and fun to read the story. :)

Gax said...

T'es fort en création de "fonts" toi.

bosse bien vegetable boy

Adam Tamte Volker said...

hey man, this is great stuff! You should sell prints of this. How can I get one from you?


sander said...

i like where this is heading >_<
break the boundaries boyy

Scott Altmann said...

Really cool Jens ! And it read perfectly fine to me...and I'm even sure how you got me to read it just like it's supposed to. Smarty :)

BD said...

Looks cool! Wonder how it will end!
Maybe some image parts could be bigger?

Zaff said...

really really really cool Blog !

lot of good stuff

Pieter said...

Your style is so killer, I always pick up some things when I look at it.

I missed the gray arrow after "nor any other fun..." perhaps make it black and connect it to the box?

Typo is ace too, do you use references for it?

Can't wait to see the end results at school! :]