Friday, February 6, 2009

the children

Meet the four heroes of our story, who at the beginning get kidnapped by the factory boss, together with the rest of their school


andreas said...

GREAT! but i think at least ONE should have a:
- band-aid
- bigger tooth
- a hat with a propeller
- a knee that is a bit torn from playing soccer

Anton Van Hertbruggen said...

Als het hele project af is wil ik het graag eens bekijken. ziet er veelbelovend uit!

tot ergens in de lessen model.

groeten, anton

Farin said...

really nice chara designs ... the morbid feeling is great

but the best pic imo is the 'girl on train'. that sketch is fantastic. would love to see more of that kinda drawing


Diantres said...

great works man! nice style.

B said...

cool works!